HTH® Filter Cleaner, 32 oz.

If the water in your swimming pool looks murky, it might be time to chemically clean the filter with HTH® Filter Cleaner.


About This Item

When used as directed, this filter cleaner for indoor and outdoor swimming pools helps the filtration system work more effectively, which not only helps keep the water looking clean and clear, but also helps the filter last longer. Use for deep-cleaning all filter types and as a backwash aid for D.E. and sand filters. Compatible with chlorine, bromine and saltwater systems.

  • Cleans all filter types
  • Helps filtration system work more efficiently
  • Makes filters last longer
  • Can also be used as a backwash aid

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See Cleaner Water With a Cleaner Filter

Improve Filter Efficiency

The pool filter is responsible for removing bacteria, debris and contaminants from your pool. This non-corrosive filter cleaner cleans all filter types and helps the filtration system to work more efficiently.

Hardworking Formula

The HTH® Filter Cleaner is a noncorrosive filter cleaner and backwash aid that works hard while taking care of your equipment. It’s also dye-free and fragrance-free so it doesn’t add irritants to your pool water.

Compatible With All Filters

No matter what type of filter you have, the HTH® Filter Cleaner helps your filter work just right, effectively cleaning cartridge, sand or D.E. filters. It’s also compatible with saltwater systems

HTH® Filter Cleaner Works for All Filters

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Cartridges and Removeable D.E. Elements

Prepare a solution by adding one quart of HTH® Filter Cleaner to two gallons of warm water in a large plastic bucket. Place the filter cartridge or D.E. elements into the cleaning solution and soak overnight (12 to 16 hours for heavily soiled filters; six hours for lightly soiled filters). 

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Sand Filters

Add HTH® Filter Cleaner directly to the sand filter through the filter lid or pool skimmer. Use one quart for small filters or two quarts for larger filters. Read step-by-step instructions carefully.

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Backwash Aid

You can also use this product as a backwash aid for D.E. and sand filters. Use one quart for small filters, or two quarts for larger filters. Read step-bystep instructions carefully.




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