HTH® Metal, Stain & Scale Control , 1 qt.

HTH® Metal, Stain & Scale Control helps prevent dissolved metals from staining pool surfaces and causing cloudy water.


About This Item

Prevent cloudy water and staining from dissolved metals with HTH® Metal, Stain & Scale Control. Apply directly to the pool as part of your regular maintenance routine to prevent metal stains and scaling, remove fresh metal stains and prevent mineral deposits on equipment. HTH® Metal, Stain & Scale Control is great for all pool types including salt water pools and vinyl-lined swimming pools.

  • Protects equipment from stains and scale
  • Prevents scale build-up on pool surfaces
  • Prevents metal staining
  • Removes fresh metal and copper stains
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Use HTH® Metal, Stain & Scale Control for Crystal Clear Water

ladder in water that shows how metal and stain defense protects your metal objects around the pool

Prevent Metal Staining

The HTH® Metal, Stain & Scale Control prevents the staining of your ladders & metal accents.

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Prevents Buildup

Use HTH® Metal, Stain & Scale Control to prevent mineral deposits and scale on your equipment.

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Easy-to-Use Formula

The concentrated formula is easy to use. Follow label dosing and add directly into the pool. Add in the evening, but not within 12 hours of addition of shock.

How to Use HTH® Metal, Stain & Scale Control

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Test Equipment & Pool Water

Start with the obvious and scoop out any branches or leaves from the pool. Next, make sure the pump and filter are working properly and not clogged or damaged. Finally, test and balance your water, paying close attention to chlorine levels.

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Applying Metal, Stain & Scale Control

For best results, add HTH® Metal, Stain & Scale Control in the evening. Do not add within 12 hours of the addition of shock products. Use the chart on the back of the product for correct dosage.

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Use As Needed

Run the filter continuously and brush the stain regularly. Repeat, if necessary, one week later.




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