HTH® Phosphate Remover, 1 qt.

HTH® Phosphate Remover works to remove phosphates from swimming pool water.


About This Item

Stop stubborn algae at the source by eliminating phosphates in your pool water. Orthophosphates are a nutrient that promotes algae growth, entering your pool through source water, decaying leaves or lawn fertilizer. Apply concentrated HTH® Phosphate Remover directly to the pool water to rid your swimming pool of unwanted phosphates. HTH® Phosphate Remover is great for all pool types including vinyl-lined pools and salt-water pools.

  • Removes phosphates that feed algae
  • Concentrated formula
  • Great for all pool types including vinyl-lined pools and salt water pools
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Use HTH® Phosphate Remover for Crystal Clear Water

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Removes Phosphate

The HTH® Phosphate Remover eliminates phosphates introduced by fill water, pool chemicals, fertilizers, cleaners and other sources that feed algae.

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Prevents Algae Growth

With phosphates gone, algae will not be able to survive.

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Easy-to-Use Formula

The concentrated formula is easy to use. Just dilute with pool water and pour along the sides of the pool and into the skimmer. Run your filter system continuously for at least 24 hours.

How to use HTH® Phosphate Remover

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Test Equipment & Pool Water

Start with the obvious and scoop out any branches or leaves from the pool. Next, make sure the pump and filter are working properly and not clogged or damaged. Finally, test and balance your water, paying close attention to chlorine levels. 

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Applying Phosphate Remover

Calculate the correct dosage amount per the chart on the back of the product. Pour directly into the pool, distributing over as wide an area as possible. 

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Use as Needed

Run the filter continuously for atleast 24 hours. If filter pressure increases 10 PSI over normal, clean or backwash the filter. After 48 hours, re-test the phosphate level. If level is still 125 ppb, apply additional product.




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