Close your pool like a pro with HTH®

<strong>Close your pool like a pro</strong> with HTH<sup>®</sup>
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As the weather gets cooler, pool closing duties get closer.

Whether you've done it before or you're new to the game, you want to do it right so that opening your pool is a breeze next summer. HTH® is here to help! Follow our easy steps for getting the job done.

Why is Closing Your Pool Important?

Pool closing is one of those things pool owners like to ignore until they can’t anymore. But the sooner you start thinking about it, the easier it gets. Properly treating or draining your pool water, cleaning and storing your pool gear not only helps protect your surfaces and equipment, it means you shorten your to-do list when you open back up next season.

When Should You Close Your Pool?

Obviously, you won’t want to wait until it’s snowing to close your pool. But you also don’t want to close it too soon. The perfect time to close is when the temperature consistently stays below 65 degrees, to minimize algae. If you live in a warmer area where temps reach above 65 degrees occasionally, you can leave your pool open. Just be sure to run the filter and test and balance your pool on warmer days.

How to Winterize/Close Your Pool

1. Find your nearest retailer using our store locator and get your hands on the HTH® Pool Care Kit. This all-in-one product is perfect for opening or closing your pool—just remember you’ll need a new kit next season. It contains:

  • - HTH® Pool Care Shock Ultra
  • - HTH® Pool Care Algae Guard Granules
  • - HTH® Pool Care Metal, Stain & Scale Control
  • - HTH® Pool Care Test Strips

2. Make sure your pool is clean. Use a pool brush and telescoping pole to scrub the walls and floor. Then, remove remaining debris with a pool vacuum.

3. Follow the label instructions on the HTH® Pool Care Kit to test and balance your pool water.

4. Lower your pool water level about 6 inches below the skimmer.

5. Backwash and clean your filter and pump.

6. Follow manufacturer’s instructions to remove pool water from the lines, pump and filter as well as clean and store pool equipment.

7. Remove, clean and store pool accessories—ladder(s), rails, etc.

8. Cover your pool with a pool cover to prevent debris from falling in.

More Pool Closing Tips

Need more pool closing tips? Check out our above ground pool closing article.

Remember, pool closing doesn’t mean HTH® disappears until next season. We’re always here to help. Enter your email address to receive our monthly newsletters and stay in the clear all year. See you next season!

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