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HTH® Swimming Pool Test Strips for pool care individual package

HTH™ Pool Care 6-Way Test Strips

Quickly check and adjust the chemicals in your pool to keep water clear, clean, healthy and balanced.

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Pool Water Testing

A delicate balance of chemical levels lies beneath the surface of sparkling pool waters. The key to maintaining that paradise is regular pool water testing! At HTH, we have pool water testing solutions to help you ensure the chemicals in your pool are well-balanced and guarantee safety and comfort for all of your swimmers.

Why is pool water testing so essential? The health of your pool hinges on its chemical balance. Every time someone dives in, they introduce contaminants, which can quickly alter the water's chemical balance when mixed with natural factors.

A chemical imbalance can cause skin and eye irritation or create an environment for algae and bacteria to flourish. Pool water testing ensures that chlorine, pH, and other chemical levels are just right, safeguarding the well-being of everyone taking a dip. A pool water test also ensures that your pool materials remain untarnished and the water's appearance remains crystal clear.

Using a pool water test at least once a week is recommended to ensure your pool remains in optimal condition. If the pool is used heavily, perform pool water testing more frequently, like twice a week. This frequency ensures that any imbalances are detected early and can be corrected promptly, keeping your pool in pristine condition.

HTH understands the importance of accurate and reliable pool water testing. That's why we pride ourselves on offering the highest-quality pool water test strips that consistently provide accurate results! 

With our HTH Pool Care 6-Way Test Strips, results are swift, straightforward, and spot-on. Just dip, compare with our color-coded chart online, and get the insights you need. And the innovation doesn't stop there!

HTH has revolutionized pool water testing with the industry-leading HTH Test to Swim app. Imagine getting more accurate results with a simple photo, thanks to Google Cloud Vision Technology!

Just submit your pool water test results or text a snap of your strip to 484-123. Instantly, you receive precise readings complemented by personalized dosage suggestions and step-by-step guides on achieving the perfect balance in your pool water.

Don’t leave the health of your pool to guesswork when there are reliable pool water test strips at HTH. Use our store locator to discover the closest retailer selling HTH products and dive into a world of precise, easy, and reliable pool water test solutions today!