Spa Test Strip Color Chart

After you've tested your water, use our interactive chart to get quick and accurate recommendations. Simply match the results on your HTH spa™ Test strips to the color-coded chart below. Select the color box for each chemical and then click Get Results. That's it!


Match Your Test Strips to HTH's™ Spa Test Strip Color Chart

Welcome to HTH pool and spa, where we are committed to making your pool and spa care easier and more convenient than ever. Our HTH spa test strip color chart is designed to provide fast, accurate results, ensuring your hot tub water testing remains painless and pristine!

When you pair up your HTH Spa Test Strips to our color chart, you can swiftly examine and fine-tune the chemicals in your spa to maintain clarity, purity, and well-being in your hot tub water testing. Our interactive spa test strip color chart provides quick and accurate recommendations, making spa water testing a breeze.

To enhance your experience further, we encourage you to download the HTH Test to Swim App. This innovative app utilizes Google Cloud Vision Technology to provide precise test results and personalized recommendations with the spa test strip chart in seconds. Whether you prefer the app or the spa test strip color chart, we are here to help you minimize the unpredictability of pool and hot tub water testing care.

Using the HTH Test to Swim App, you can make weekly water care more accessible and convenient than ever. Simply take a photo of your HTH Spa Care Test Strip in the app, and let us guide you through using the spa test strip chart. Spend less time guessing and more time enjoying brilliantly clear water with HTH! Need more assistance? Our HTH Helpline experts are available for live chat or phone support.

To take the next step in your pool and spa care journey, we invite you to download the Test to Swim app and pair up your spa test strip chart with our interactive color chart. For those looking to purchase our products, use our store locator to find the nearest retailer and start on your path to crystal-clear hot tub water testing.

HTH strives to make pool and spa care a simple, enjoyable experience for all. Pair up your spa test strip chart, download the app, and find your nearest retailer today!

Need a refresher before matching your test results? No problem! Refer to the quick tips below. For a deeper dive, visit the HTH spa™ Test Strips product page. And don't forget, if you have a myHTH account, you can store your test history and keep track of your favorite HTH™ products.

HTH spa™ Test Strips: Quick Tips

1. Make sure your pump is running.
2. Dip test strip into water approximately 18 inches or up to your elbow.
3. Wait 15 seconds and remove the strip with pads facing up.
4. Hold strip level for 20 seconds—you'll see results right away.

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