Pool and Spa Store Locator

Your pool and spa maintenance routine can be a breeze when you know where to buy pool supplies. HTH Pools is committed to simplifying this journey for you and provides a tool to help you locate our nearest pool and spa store stocking our chemicals and products.

As a pool and spa care industry leader, we specialize in providing top-notch products and solutions for DIY pool and spa upkeep. Below, we tell you how to use our store locator to find the closest location where you can buy spa supplies.

Whether you're looking to buy spa supplies or buy pool supplies, our store locator is designed to guide you to the closest HTH pool and spa store. Simply enter your current location in the provided space on our website. For added convenience, if your device's location service is on, HTH can automatically detect your position.

You can also customize your search by setting a radius from as little as 10 kilometers (or miles) to no limit. Once you click search, you'll receive suggestions for the nearest stores where you can buy spa supplies and pool supplies.

When you use our store locator, you’re not just finding a pool and spa store; you’re unlocking a treasure trove of pool and spa care essentials. Our range of chemicals and products that you will find at your selected store include:

●  Pool balancing chemicals and testing products: Ensure your pool's health with items like chlorine stabilizers, alkalinity increasers, hardness increasers, pH adjusters, and comprehensive pool test strips.

●  Pool sanitizers: Our range includes liquid chlorine shock, chlorine tablets, and skimmer tabs, which are vital for maintaining crystal-clear water.

●  Pool shocks and algaecides: Tackle algae and keep your pool pristine with our effective pool shock treatments and algae removers.

●  Specialty pool products: From pool opening kits to filter sands and skimmer basket inserts, we have everything to enhance your pool care experience.

●  Saltwater pool chemicals: You will find specifically formulated products for saltwater pools.

Visiting an HTH pool and spa store in person offers several advantages.

For instance, you get to see and experience our products up close and get a feel for their quality and suitability for your pool or spa. Furthermore, some of our specialized items are exclusively available at our stores and not online, making a visit worthwhile. Visiting our pool and spa store retailers also allows you to buy pool supplies instantly without waiting for delivery, which is essential for urgent pool care.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your pool and spa care experience. Use our store locator today to find an HTH store near you and immerse yourself in the world of premium pool and spa supplies. Should you need assistance or have additional questions, contact us at HTH Pools today!