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HTH spa™ Test Strips

Quickly check and adjust the
chemicals in your spa to keep water clear, clean and healthy.

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Spa Water Testing

Discover the art of precise spa water testing with HTH's groundbreaking solutions. With HTH spa test strips, you no longer need to be a seasoned expert in spa testing to achieve the perfect water balance.

HTH has designed our unique spa test strips for those who seek immediate and accurate results. The strips ensure that your spa water testing is both simple and precise. Here’s how easy spa testing is with the HTH Spa Test Strips:

●  Ensure spa equipment is operating

●  Submerge the test strip about 6 inches into the water, roughly up to your elbow

●  Hold for a mere 2 seconds and gently remove it, ensuring the pads face upwards

●  Shake once to remove excess water and read immediately 

But that's not all. We elevate your spa testing experience by allowing you to match your HTH spa test strips to our intuitive color-coded chart.

This interactive feature guides you to gauge parameters like total alkalinity, pH, total hardness, and chlorine levels in your spa. The chart also provides tailored recommendations once you've decoded the colors on your strip.

If you have signed up for myHTH, your spa water testing gets even better. This account is where spa testing meets technology. You can log your test history, compare results over time, and gain insights that only a few spa owners have at their fingertips.

The HTH test-to-swim app revolutionizes spa water testing with its seamless integration with HTH pool care 6-way test strips. It also harnesses the precision of Google Cloud Vision Technology to ensure unparalleled accuracy.

With this app, you can now enjoy enhanced features, including a direct match with HTH spa test strips to see the chemical balance in your spa. The HTH test-to-swim app is here not just to change how you view spa testing but to redefine it.

What truly sets HTH spa test strips apart? Their compatibility! They are suitable for both bromine and chlorine systems and are your go-to for consistent and reliable results.

So why wait? Dive into a hassle-free spa testing experience with HTH test strips. If you’re ready to make the plunge, use our store locator and discover the nearest retailer to you.