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HTH™ makes
Pool and Spa care easy.

Our balancers, sanitizers, shocks, and algaecides are designed with DIY pool owners like you in mind.

Have you tested your pool water lately?

Twice weekly water testing is fast and easy with HTH™ Test to Swim™ app, now with more accurate results from Google Cloud Vision Technology.

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  • Solve Chlorine
    lock for good

    Only HTH™ fast-dissolving shock with Cal Hypo clarifies and rids water of contaminants without using any CYA (cyanuric acid). That means it won't overstabilize or cause chlorine lock—ever.

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  • The most trusted
    name in spa care

    For generations, HTH™ has been leading the way in smart spa care. We do the chemistry so you can just take it easy. Relax with confidence—you're in an HTH spa™.

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