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The top 9 products for pool opening day

With National Pool Opening Day approaching, the countdown to cannonballs is on! Even if you live in a northern climate and your opening pool day is a little further away, now is still the right time to start checking your prep list and gathering pool supplies. As always, HTH Pool Care is here to help you get a head start. Here, we’ve compiled our top pool opening products for optimal fun and function.

Top HTH pool products for opening day  

HTH Pool Care Kit: Pool opening success in a box! One kit has the essentials to prep your pool water for opening day beauty, including HTH pool shock, algae guard, metal stain and scale control and 6-way test strips. Whether you have a chlorine or saltwater pool, this kit treats up to 20,000 gallons of water and like all HTH products, application is convenient and easy.

HTH™ Pool Care Filter Cleaner: Giving your filter a proper cleaning at the beginning of the summer will not only help improve efficiency but extend your filter life. And it’s an easy way to make sure your pool water starts and stays beautifully clear. We recommend using it at the start of the season and then every 3 months. 

HTH Pool Care Shock: We recommend HTH Pool Care Shock Advanced it’s the same great formula as the former HTH SuperShock, just a new name! Shock treating weekly solves 90% of common pool water problems, like bacteria and algae. HTH pool shock also increases chlorine levels quickly, making it an essential part of your weekly pool water care. Stock up now so you can stick to a shock routine throughout the season.

HTH™ Pool Care 3” Chlorine Tabs: Just two of these dry HTH chlorine tabs are the same as 1 gallon of liquid chlorine, so you get all the clarity and protection from bacteria and algae without the hassle or extra mess. Plus, they can be used in floaters, skimmer baskets and feeders. Keep them on hand for convenient, lower dose, daily pool chlorination.

*Based on most frequent pool water problems

Turn up the fun with the best pool speakers & more 

Stock up on these top pool accessories so you can jump into fun and keep it going all the way through Labor Day.  

  • Pool Speakers: What's a pool day without the perfect playlist? Simplify your selection by focusing on portable, waterproof and Bluetooth speaker options.
  • Pool Floaties: No two pool days are alike. Find floaties that fit all the styles — drink floaties for chill days, unicorn pool floaties for fun and games... you’ll know the perfect one when you see it.
  • Pool Sunscreen: This accessory never goes out of style. Keep you and your family safe while swimming by looking for “broad spectrum,” “SPF 30” and “water resistant” on the labels.
  • Pool Towels: You can never have too many. Take stock of last year’s — it might be time for an upgrade. Microfiber and Turkish-style are light, dry fast and will keep your pool days on point.
  • Pool Apparel: Think sunglasses, hats, visors — there’s no right or wrong choice. Any way you go, you’ll reflect the sun and your style. Have fun with it!

Want more?

If you have additional pool water care or product questions, we’re always here to help. Follow HTH Pool Care on social, reach out via our Chat feature or find a store near you. Our Pool Opening page also has great info to make sure the start of the season goes swimmingly. You’re all clear with HTH!  


Please read the following important reminders before adding pool chemicals to water:

• NEVER mix products together or dissolve before use.

• ONLY enter pool when FAC levels are below 4 ppm to prevent risk of bodily harm.

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