Welcome, new spa owners!

While owning a spa can seem overwhelming, rest assured, HTH® is here to help. We've put all the tips, tricks and information a new spa owner needs right here, so you can come back for help any time you need it. With HTH® on board, you'll reach expert status in no time!

  • Opening your spa

    Whether you're using your spa for the very first time or need to re-open it after a period of closure, we've got you covered.

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  • Maintaining your spa

    When you establish a weekly routine, keeping your spa water clean and healthy is easy. Find the help you need to establish a routine and care for your spa all year long.

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  • Testing your water

    Testing your spa water is the first step in your weekly maintenance routine. Use the HTH spa™ Test Strips for quick, accurate results.

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  • Solving spa problems

    Visit our Spa Problems page to find easy-to-follow solutions and step-by-step instructions for your common spa water problems. Clean, healthy and soothing spa water is just a click away!

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  • Covering & Closing your spa

    If you need to cover or close your spa for an extended period of time, follow these tips.

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