Solve pool problems

You don't have to be a pool expert to have a clean, clear pool. Count on HTH™ pool care, the pool care experts, to deliver solutions for your pool water problems.

  • Cloudy water

    Having trouble seeing the bottom of the pool because your pool water is too cloudy? We've got the solution.

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  • Green water

    Let's get rid of unsightly algae and invite swimmers back into your pool.

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  • Discolored water

    Transform green, black, purple, or brown pool water back to sparkling blue in no time.

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  • Over stabilization

    We'll help you prevent CYA build up and prevent chlorine problems in your pool.

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  • Incorrect water test results

    Get to the bottom of the problem and find out how to get accurate test results with HTH™.

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  • Incorrect chlorine levels

    Does your pool water have a heavy chlorine odor? We can help!

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  • Stains & scale

    With our help, you can stay on top of stains and scale and stop them from becoming problems.

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  • Foamy water

    While a foamy pool can be scary to look at, it can be solved in a few easy steps.

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  • Eye & skin irritation

    We can help you adjust and balance your water and get back to comfortable swimming.

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  • Corrosion & damage

    Learn how to prevent corrosion and surface damage by adjusting your pH levels.

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