HTH® D.E. Filter Aid, 10 lbs.

Keep your D.E. pool filter working at maximum performance with HTH® D.E. Filter Aid. The HTH® D.E. Filter Aid removes particles and debris as small as 2-6 microns so your water is crystal clear and ready for summer.


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About This Item

This product is diatomaceous earth, a filter media that will trap particles as much as 20 times smaller than sand or cartridge filters.

TO USE: Check the manufacturer’s guide for your filter to find the correct dosage, approximately 1.5 lbs. of D.E. per 10 sq. ft. of filter area. Then, slurry the diatomaceous earth in water – 1 part powder with 10 parts water. This solution looks like milk and pours easily. Finally, with the pump running, pour the mixture slowly into the skimmer nearest the filter.

  • For all D.E. filters on pools and spas
  • Removes the smallest particles
  • Restores filter efficiency

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Filter Efficiently with HTH® D.E. Filter Aid

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Filters Small Particles

The HTH® D.E. Filter Aid removes particles as small as 2-6 microns, so the water in your pool stays crystal clear and ready for swimming.

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Restores Filter Efficiency

The D.E. powder ensures optimum performance from your filter so you never have to worry about cloudy water.

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Easy to Use

The diatomaceous earth works with all D.E. Filters in pools and spas and is compatible with salt systems. Follow the simple instructions to use.

How to Backwash a D.E. Filter

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1. Backwash

Shut off your filter system and turn the multiport valve to backwash. Or, if you have a push/pull valve, open your backwash gate. Turn the system back on and let the water flow out of the backwash valve or port.

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2. Rinse

After about two minutes, shut off the system again and turn the multiport valve to rinse and turn the system back on. Or, if you have a push/pull valve, run the system for an extra minute. Then, turn the system off one more time and turn the multiport valve to filter or shut your push/pull valve.

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3. Add D.E. Powder

Turn your system back on and add HTH® D.E. Filter Aid. Make a slurry of about 1 part Filter Aid with about 10 parts water – and pour it slowly into the skimmer nearest to the filter. The solution looks like milk.




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