HTH® Super Clarifier Swimming Pool Cleaner, Cleans Dull, Hazy, Cloudy Water, 32 fl oz

DUAL ACTION SUPER CLARIFIER: Say goodbye to dull, cloudy or hazy pool water. HTH® Super Clarifier acts fast so you can relax and splash in crystal clear pool water.

IMPROVES FILTER EFFICIENCY: The 2-in-1 pool water clarifier gathers tiny particles in your water for easy filter removal and won’t affect your pool’s pH levels.

EASY DIY POOL CARE: Apply the concentrated formula directly to pool water or skimmer. For best results, use 4-12 hours after HTH® Shock! and HTH® Super Algae Guard pool treatment.

GREAT FOR ALL POOL TYPES: HTH® Super Clarifier is compatible with all indoor and outdoor pool types, including saltwater, and all pool surfaces.

MORE VALUE WITH HTH®: The Dual Action HTH® Super Clarifier is a great value in DIY pool care. Includes a 1-qt container for a crystal clear, algae-free pool season!

About This Item

The dual action of HTH® Super Clarifier quickly restores clarity to dull, hazy or cloudy pool water and improves filter efficiency. Simply apply the concentrated formula directly to pool water or skimmer. For best results, use 4 to 12 hours after HTH® Shock! and HTH® Super Algae Guard pool treatment to remove dead algae and organic debris and enjoy crystal clear, cannonball-ready pool water all summer long!

HTH® Pool Care was developed with the pool owner in mind. We know that maintaining your pool water can be a lot of work. That’s why we’re here every step of the way, helping you clear the uncertainty from pool care. With economical, easy-to-use solutions, HTH® is designed to work hard so you’re prepared to tackle whatever life throws in your pool. From balancing your water to treating green water, we offer a full line of products to keep your pool water healthy and your swimmers happy. 

If you like using HTH®, check out the other pool and spa care brands from our parent company, Sigura, like Applied Biochemists®, Leisure Time®, GLB®, Spa Selections® and PooLife®. Sigura has a long heritage and over 90 years of experience in developing innovative pool chemicals and supplies as well as spa water treatment solutions. With our track record of innovation and a dedication to simple, intuitive solutions, Sigura® customers feel more secure.

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Use HTH® Super Clarifier for Crystal Clear Water

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Improve Filter Efficiency

The HTH® Super Clarifier coagulates the tiny particles that cloud your water. The new, larger particles are easier for your filter to pick up and remove.

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Remove Contaminants

Both biological and physical contaminants can make your pool water cloudy. Use HTH® Super Clarifier to remove dead algae and organic debris for crystal clear water.

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Easy-to-Use Formula

The concentrated formula is easy to use. Just dilute with pool water and pour along the sides of the pool and into the skimmer. After 8 hours, vacuum the pool.

How to Clear Up Cloudy Pool Water

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Test Equipment & Pool Water

Start with the obvious and scoop out any branches or leaves from the pool. Next, make sure the pump and filter are working properly and not clogged or damaged. Finally, test and balance your water, paying close attention to chlorine levels.

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Shock Your Pool

If chlorine levels are below 1 part per million, brush the pool bottom to stir up any settled contaminants. Then, with the pump running, broadcast the HTH® shock treatment evenly over a wide area in the deepest part of your pool. If granules settle at the bottom, brush again to disperse them. Water is ready for swimming when chlorine levels are between 1 and 4 ppm.

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Use HTH® Super Clarifier

If chlorine levels are between 1 - 4 parts per million and the water is hazy––but you can still see the bottom of the pool–– use HTH® Super Clarifier. Dilute the product in a bucket of pool water and then pour along the sides of the pool and into the skimmer. Run the pump filter for 8 hours and then vacuum the pool. Be sure to clean or backwash your filter.




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