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Top 5 self-care tips for the pool lover

<strong>Dive into Self-Care</strong>
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The odds are, if you have a swimming pool, you use it! Yet with plenty of pool time can come issues like itchy skin, dry hair and the dreaded sunburn. Luckily, with a little planning and some focus on self-care, these minor issues can be prevented. We’ve created the top five tips to help you enjoy ample pool time without sacrificing your personal comfort.

#1: Practice Safe Sunscreen

Did you know that there’s a wrong way to use sunscreen? Many people start their pool day by slathering on the SPF – but they forget to reapply it throughout the day. Even waterproof sunscreens need attention, or you and your family will potentially feel the burn.

Here’s how to apply sunscreen to get the most benefit:

    • Start with a broad-spectrum (UVA and UVB) 30 SPF sunscreen or higher
    • Reapply generously, every two hours – even when it’s cloudy
    • For each application, allow enough time for the sunscreen to set on your skin before jumping into the pool or it will simply wash off

#2: Protect Your Tresses

As your pool time increases, you may notice your hair feeling a bit dryer, in spite of all that wetness! If you’re not a fan of the swimming cap, you can protect your precious locks with a few tips and tricks to lock in the moisture:

    • Wet your hair down with tap water before you jump in the pool – pre-saturated hair will help prevent chlorinated water from soaking in
    • Pre-treat your hair with a leave-in conditioner for swimmers to lock in moisture and prevent chlorine absorption
    • When you’re done for the day, always, always, always wash your hair with a mild cleansing shampoo to prevent pool chemicals from drying into your locks and drying them out!


#3: Hydrate Your Skin

The mixture of chlorine and salt (from sweat) can leave your skin feeling dry and itchy as it evaporates. To keep your skin supple, smooth and flake-free, the first thing to do after a long day of poolside fun is to wash off the day with a mild hydrating cleanser. Then apply moisturizer to restore your skin’s hydration.

Pro tips:

    • Generously apply moisturizer from your shoulders to your toes to hydrate the skin and prevent cracking or flaking
    • Use thicker creams and ointments on your body, as lotions tend to be mostly water and evaporate too quickly
    • However, don’t use these creams and ointments on your face – instead, use a moisturizer specifically designed for facial skin, which is more sensitive
    • Consider ointments with soothing ingredients like aloe vera to help calm skin irritation caused by sun exposure

#4: Nourish Your Nails

Protect your fingernails (and toenails, too!) with a clear topcoat designed to keep natural moisture in and the drying effects of sunshine and pool water out. When you’re done swimming for the day, consider applying a nourishing hand cream and a cuticle repair cream to draw in and trap moisture around your nails.

#5: Keep Your Pool Water Clean

After a day of splashing around in the pool, sunscreens, leave-in conditioners and moisturizers can take a toll on your pool water. Imagine what builds up over the course of a week! There’s a quick and easy solution: treating your pool once a week with HTH™ Pool Care Shock Advanced and HTH™ Pool Care Algae Guard Advanced will keep your pool water crystal clear and free of these contaminates – so you can get back to the fun!

Time in the pool is always well spent. And now, equipped with these self-care tips, you’ll be able to enjoy your pool water to the fullest all summer long.

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