Easy 4-Step Weekly Routine

Prevent common pool water problems with the 4-step weekly maintenance routine.
<strong>Easy 4-Step</strong> Weekly Routine
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Owning a pool doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Use our simple 4-step weekly maintenance routine to prevent common pool problems and get the downloadable version below before you go!

Step 1: Test & Balance 2x Weekly

The very first step on your checklist is to test and balance your pool. With pool use, environmental factors and summer weather, pool water chemical balances, such as total alkalinity, pH and calcium hardness, can change quickly. That’s why we recommend testing and balancing your pool water twice a week. It’s easy with HTH Pool Care 6-Way Test Strips.

There is a simple method for using your test strip. Submerge the strip in pool water, up to your wrist, away from jets. Remove without shaking, pads facing up and hold level for 20 seconds.

To get quick, accurate test results, text a photo of your test strip to 484-123 or compare it to the color-coded chart on the back of the bottle. You will receive your test results in seconds, get step-by-step instructions for balancing your pool water and learn which HTH Pool Care products are your best solution.

Check out our Balancers for more information on this step and to purchase HTH Pool Care products.

Step 2: Sanitize 1x Weekly

The next step on your weekly checklist is sanitizing your pool water. This helps kill germs, prevent algae blooms and clarifies your pool water so that it remains clean and clear. For best results, use solutions from our Sanitizer page.

Different sanitizer products call for different methods. If you are using the HTH Pool Care 3” Chlorine Tabs, simply place the amount you need in your feeder, floater or skimmer. The tabs will slowly release chlorine over the course of the week. Conversely, HTH Pool Care Chlorine Granules Ultra must be added directly to the pool. Simply measure out the amount you need and spread it evenly over a wide area in the deepest section of your pool. Yet another easy option is the HTH Pool Care Skimmer Tabs with Cal Hypo to prevent chlorine lock, or overstabilization. The tabs go straight into your skimmer for long-lasting results.

Explore and shop our Sanitizers page for more information on this step.

Step 3: Shock 1x Weekly

Use HTH Pool Care shock products weekly to solve 90% of pool water problems. Shocking your pool water quickly adds chlorine to prevent bacteria and algae. HTH Pool Care Shock options are great because they contain Cal Hypo, a formula that prevents overstabilization, or chlorine lock, and creates visibly brilliant water.

You can easily use HTH Pool Care Shock Advanced. With the filter still running, broadcast the measured granules over a large area of the deepest section of your pool. Disperse the granules with a brush to help them fully dissolve as necessary.

Find more options to prevent pool problems on our Shock page.

Step 4: Kill & Prevent Algae 1x Weekly

Using an algaecide routinely helps kill green, black and mustard algae and keep slimy water away. HTH Pool Care Algae Guard Advanced is a great option for you to destroy all algae types in any pool. The formula is both fast-acting and effective! But the best part is that you can get back to swimming immediately after applying it.

HTH Pool Care Algae Guard Advanced is easy to use. For best results, keep your pump running and add the product to your pool water in several places. Continue running the pump for several hours after using this product.

Download the Easy 4-Step Weekly Routine

With this easy, four-step weekly routine, you can keep your pool in prime condition all season. As always, HTH is here to help. To make things even easier, we’ve created a downloadable version of the weekly pool care routine — keep it on hand as a quick cheat sheet whenever you need it. Happy swimming!

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