Get ready for
late summer fun!

Celebrate the end of the season with a pool party to wow your guests.

<strong>Get ready for<br> late summer fun!</strong>
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Late August brings the heat, but it also brings one more reason to host one last epic pool party before work, school and after-school sports and activities take over schedules.

How to make your party a success? A little pool prep, lots of cold snacks and beverages, and yep, some post-party clean up are all part of the plan.

Before the first cannonball
Your party will draw in lots of swimmers, which also means an increase in contaminants from sunscreen, lotions, oils, sweat, makeup and other not-so-great things. Did you know? One active swimmer generates up to 2 pints of sweat per hour!

Combat those contaminants by shock treating your pool with HTH™ Pool Care Shock Advanced to stay ahead of any problems that could arise after large gatherings.


Make sure your pool water is prepped and your pool equipment is working as it should. Don’t forget to check and clean out those filters with HTH Pool Care Filter Cleaner 2 to 3 times per season (following instructions on the label)! Post-party, take a few simple steps to get your pool water back to sparkling. Learn more about both pre- and post-party maintenance to ensure your pool is inviting and safe.

Plenty of food + drink = happy pool guests
There is no easier way to make your guests feel welcome than lots of icy beverages and pool-friendly food to keep them energized in the August heat. Whether this is your first party at your new pool, or your 12th of the summer season, think about heat-beating food and drink ideas:

  • Colorful, ice-cold fruit kabobs: Cut up bite-sized fruit, add them to bamboo skewers and serve with a marshmallow-y dip on the side.
  • Chip & dips: Keep those dips chilled and safe for eating by setting the dip bowl in a larger bowl filled halfway with ice.
  • Homemade popsicles: Use any juice and sliced fruit of your choice, freeze in popsicle molds, pop them out of the molds and plunge in ice. Store them in a cooler for guests to grab whenever the sugar-rush strikes.
  • Make-your-own-pizza station: Set up pre-made, pre-baked personal sized crusts and toppings for guests to build their own pizza masterpieces. Cook them on the gas grill in minutes!
  • Colorful mocktails for all ages: Create a mocktail bar for all to enjoy, and yes, plastic cups are a good idea to be pool-safe:
      • Choose flavors that go together (think flavored tonic waters, sparkling waters, lemonade or limeade, slices of citrus, berries, flavored syrups, even fresh herbs)
      • Chill all mixers and ice until the last minute
      • Print a few mix combinations to inspire ideas

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