Safety first!
Top tips before you dip

<strong>Safety first!</strong> <br>Top tips before you dip
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Before diving into the fun, safety should be your first priority!

We compiled the best tips, so you can have a great time knowing your family and friends are protected. Read on for general swimming safety tips, how to secure your pool and what to do in an emergency.

Swimming safety rules

Contrary to popular belief, safety and fun CAN go hand in hand! All you have to do is put a few simple rules in place to protect your family and friends:

• Always swim with an adult present
• Supervise your kids with your full attention — put your phone down!
• Require your children to ask permission before swimming
• Offer flotation devices (life jacket, water wings, etc.) to inexperienced swimmers • Have your kids take swimming lessons
• Teach your kids to remain calm in an emergency

Keep kids in sight — choose bright

Often overlooked, your child’s swimsuit color can make a huge difference in pool water safety. More neutral colors are harder to see underwater than brightly colored swimsuits.

neon colors:

neutral colors:

Pool security measures

Keeping your pool secure is essential to having a worry-free summer. To prevent unsupervised swimmers, build a four-sided fence around your pool. In an above-ground pool, one of the easiest ways to deter access is by removing the ladder. Clear away any furniture that your kids might be able to use to access the pool water. Lastly, install latches, locks and alarms.

Emergency response plan

It can be difficult to think straight in an emergency situation. But if you learn these tips, you can better protect your family and stop accidents before they happen:
1. Remain calm in an emergency
2. If someone goes missing, check your pool water first
3. Call 911 immediately if someone falls unconscious, stops breathing or suffers a traumatic injury
4. Have lifesaving equipment always ready (flotation device, cell phone, first aid kit, etc.)
5. Become CPR-certified, or know the basics of CPR in case of an emergency

Increasing survival rate

If someone is drowning, the American Red Cross Association uses this 5-step plan to increase survival rate:
1. Recognize the signs of trouble and call for help
2. Safely rescue and remove the person from the water who is struggling
3. Have someone call 911, or if you’re alone, care for the person for two minutes, then call
4. Use rescue breathing and perform CPR
5. If available, use an AED before transferring to advanced life support

More safety resources

Remember, stay calm if a situation comes up. If you want even more tips, check out our chemical safety article to learn how to safely handle your pool water care chemicals.

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