5 water care basics
for your best spa experience

<strong>5 water care basics</strong> <br>for your best spa experience
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The best thing about spas and hot tubs is that you can use them year-round, but the key to relaxing in every season is keeping your spa water clean. With these 5 must-have spa water care basics, you’ll be able to help eliminate issues and keep routine maintenance nice and easy.

1. Testing

First things first, testing needs to be taken care of twice weekly so you catch spa water problems in the early stages. Your spa water care staple is the HTH spa™ Care Test Strips. Simply dip a strip in your spa water and remove it, wait and compare the results to the back of the bottle or use our website to see if any chemical levels need balancing.

2. Sanitizing

Sanitizing your spa water kills bacteria and algae, so your spa experience remains soothing and worry-free. You can choose between HTH spa™ Care Bromine Tabs or HTH spa™ Care Clear Chlorinating Sanitizer, depending on whether you want a chlorine or bromine experience.

3. Balancing pH and alkalinity

Balancing your spa water pH and alkalinity works wonders to prevent corrosion, scaling and calcium build-up by neutralizing your spa water. The best way to keep your pH and alkalinity in check is by using HTH spa™ Care pH Up, HTH spa™ Care pH Down or HTH spa™ Care Alkalinity Up. Your test strips will tell you everything you need to know, so you can make the right selection.

4. Defoaming

Defoaming your spa water is essential in keeping your spa and hot tub experience calming and enjoyable. Foam is often caused by a shift in pH or a buildup of lotions, oils, cleansers, etc. A surefire way to fix it is with HTH spa™ Care Defoamer. Simply add the formula directly to your spa water to eliminate foam and soften your spa water with vitamin E.

5. Clarifying

Clarifying is essential if you want to replace hazy spa water with lazy spa days. Apply the HTH spa™ Care Clarifier to your spa or hot tub water to clear cloudiness fast. The concentrated formula restores crystal clarity to your spa water, so you can sit back and relax.

Before you go

With these 5 spa water basics, maintenance will be a breeze! If you would like even more tips, be sure to check out our other blogs or sign up for our newsletter. We can also answer questions if you contact us by phone, email or live chat.

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