9 pool supply must-haves
for new pool owners

<strong>9 pool supply must-haves</strong><br> for new pool owners
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When you’re a new pool owner, pool water care can be overwhelming with so many things to learn.

But we’re here to help you make the adjustment into a pool water care pro in no time! Keep reading to find out the 9 must-haves that will make your life easier and your summer a splash.

1. Opening / closing equipment

Opening and closing your pool correctly ensures your pool water stays clear, damage-free and swim-worthy for longer. Get your hands on our easy all-in-one HTH® Pool Care Kit to take care of either opening or closing.

2. Pool water testing kit

Testing and balancing your pool water twice weekly is key to keeping it clear. Use the HTH® Pool Care 6-Way Test Strips or the HTH® Pool Care 6-Way Test Kit to check free available chlorine (FAC), pH, total alkalinity, total hardness, cyuranic acid (CYA) and bromine.

3. Sanitizers

The best way to kill bacteria, neutralize algae and eliminate chloramines in your pool water is by using sanitizers. Try HTH® Pool Care 3” Chlorine Tabs for clear, clean pool water that lasts up to one week.

4. Shocks and oxidizers

Shocks and oxidizers are essential for your pool water because they clear contaminants and break up matter. Use HTH® Pool Care Shock Advanced weekly to solve 90% of pool water problems! Otherwise, try HTH® Pool Care Green to Blue Advanced to kill algae and clear pool water in 24 hours.

5. Algaecides

We have the best preventative for unsightly algae blooms! Stock up on HTH® Pool Care Algae Guard Advanced for a powerful, non-foaming formula that combats all types of algae and prevents it from coming back, so you can dive into crystal clear pool water.

6. Specialty products

Your filter and pump are the heart of your pool. The best way to keep your filter beating and prolong its life expectancy is to keep it clean. Try the HTH® Pool Care Filter Cleaner to go from a murky swimming pool to a sparkling oasis in no time!

7. Clarifiers

There’s no need to fear cloudy, hazy pool water with HTH® here. Get your hands on HTH® Pool Care Clarifier Advanced for a dual-action formula that clears cloudy pool water and improves filter efficiency—fast!

8. Pool maintenance equipment

Make sure to get all the basic cleaning equipment so your pool water is free of debris. Invest in a vacuum head, telescopic pole, hose, brush, skimmer and leaf net. If you want an even easier way to clear your pool water, get your hands on a robotic pool vacuum.

9. Safety latches and alarms

Your final must-have has more to do with the safety of your pool than the cleanliness. Be sure to invest in safety latches, fencing and alarms to keep swimmers safe. For more safety tips, check out our safety blog!

New pool owner resources

We have all the resources you need to figure out your new life as a pool owner! For more pool opening and closing tips, easy pool water solutions and answers to your most common questions, check out our maintenance page. Happy swimming!

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