How to take care of your pool water during extreme heat

How to take care of your pool water during extreme heat
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As temperatures soar and the sun beats down, maintaining your pool's water quality becomes paramount. Don't let the extreme heat compromise your enjoyment of your pool. Use the knowledge and products detailed in this guide to keep your pool water clean and clear and ensure that your pool remains a refreshing oasis—even in the hottest of conditions.

Maintaining your pool water during extreme heat

Monitor Water Evaporation and Increase Circulation: As weather temperatures increase, pool water evaporates more rapidly. Keep an eye on water levels and compensate for evaporation by topping up as needed. In addition, enhance circulation by running your pool pump longer (a minimum of 12 hours per day) to prevent stagnant water and promote better filtration.

Test Your Water Regularly, Especially During High Temperatures: Extreme heat can throw off your pool's water balance, leading to issues like increased pH levels and chlorine depletion. Regular testing with HTH™ Pool Care 6-Way Test Strips will help ensure proper pH, chlorine, alkalinity, and other chemical levels. Proactively maintaining optimal water quality can help prevent potential problems. Download our HTH™ Test to Swim App to get quick, accurate test results plus personalized recommendations to make weekly water care easier and more convenient.

Prevent Algae Blooms: Warmer temperatures create favorable conditions for algae growth, leading to unsightly blooms. Combat algae by maintaining proper chemical balance and regularly utilizing HTH™ Pool Algaecides to help prevent algae infestations, keeping your pool water crystal clear and inviting.

Keep Pool Water Cool: Hotter days can also raise the temperature of your pool water, creating a lukewarm bath instead of a refreshing oasis. Shade structures such as umbrellas and pergolas can shield your pool from direct sunlight while running fountain features can help lower the water temperature, making your pool more inviting on even the most scorching days.

Protect Your Equipment and Prevent Scaling: Extreme heat can also accelerate the buildup of scale and mineral deposits in your pool equipment, potentially causing damage and reducing efficiency. Use HTH™ Metal, Stain & Scale Control on a weekly basis to combat scaling. Routinely maintaining and cleaning equipment can also prolong its lifespan while ensuring optimal performance.

To maintain your pool water during extreme heat, we recommend the following products:

HTH™ Pool Care 6-Way Test Strips: Precisely monitor pH, chlorine, alkalinity, and more levels with these convenient test strips. Effortlessly maintain the optimal chemical balance for your pool’s water. Get yours here. Download the HTH™ Test to Swim App to Get quick, accurate test results plus personalized recommendations to make weekly water care easier and more convenient.

HTH™ Pool Care 6-Way Test Strips: Pool Test Strips

HTH™ Pool Care Shock: Restore water clarity and eliminate bacteria with this fast-acting chlorine shock treatment.  Grab yours here. 

HTH™ Pool Care Shock Advanced: Pool Shock for Algae

HTH™ Pool Algaecide: Keep algae at bay with our effective algaecide solutions. Prevent unsightly blooms and maintain pristine pool water quality.

HTH™ Pool Care Algae Guard Advanced: All In One Algaecide

HTH Metal, Stain & Scale Control: Protect against metal stains and scale formation while removing fresh metal and copper stains. 

HTH™ Pool Care Metal, Stain & Scale Control: Pool Metal Remover

Using these trusted products can help you keep your pool water cool, clear, and inviting so you can enjoy your oasis no matter how high the heat!

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