Pool Party Ideas

Give fun pool games a boost with friendly rivalry

<strong>Pool Party Ideas </strong>
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With pool season in full swing, now is the perfect time to take splashy summer fun to the next level. Whether you’re enjoying the waves with your family or hosting the next pool party extravaganza, we’ve got ideas to help you turn up the heat on swimming pool games with some friendly competition.

Designed for both kids and adults, activities and ideas like these are sure to please the whole crowd.

Best Jumps & Dives

Who is the master of the mighty cannonball splash? Whose forward dive slices through the water with barely a ripple? These tried-and-true competitions are guaranteed to make waves.

Better yet, give the jumps and dives a twist of your own. Toss out a few theme ideas – like zoo animals, famous Tik Tokers, favorite superheroes or craziest dance moves – and let the ideas flow from the vivid imaginations of your guests!

Want to make these contests extra entertaining?

Grab your phone and record your favorites for Tik Tok

Add the best new jumps and dives to your Poolside Bingo game

Track who’s best with the HTH™ Best Jump/Dive Scorecard (see below)

Download your printable scorecards here!
Print out copies to share with your guests.

Fin-tastic Freestyle Frenzy

Swimming races are a much-loved classic. But what if you added swimming flippers and fins to the mix? Buy a few pairs to have on hand (both adult sizes and adjustable ones for the kiddos). When it’s time to race, make sure all participants are finned up and ready to go. Then grab your timer, give them a 5-second countdown and watch the speedy hilarity unfold.


Buoyancy Bout

Even the back float is fun when there’s a competition involved. Set some rules to make it a fun pool game — for instance, no using the hands to stay afloat, only 5 kicks allowed and touching the bottom is an automatic disqualification. Once everyone knows the rules, break out the timer, give your floaters a 5-second countdown and let them GO until there’s one rule-follower left floating!

To boost the fun when the bout is done, treat the whole gang to ice-cold root beer floats — and add an extra scoop of ice cream to the winner’s cup.

Treading Tourney

Ready to tire out the kiddos with one last activity? Try a treading water tournament to see who can outlast everyone else without touching the bottom! Treading water can help kids build their leg and arm muscles and improve their endurance. Making it a contest gives them a fun, engaging way to build their confidence in the water — and be tuckered out when pool time is over.

Remember: No matter who has the best dive or the fastest race, everybody wins with friendly rivalries that boost poolside fun for all.

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