How to protect your pool during freezing temperatures

How to protect your pool during freezing temperatures
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When temperatures plummet, it is important to safeguard your pool against freezing conditions. Protecting your pool during the cold months can prevent damage and ensure a smooth reopening when warmer weather returns. In this guide, we highlight the key steps for securing your pool to minimize the harsh effects of freezing temperatures.

Key Steps for Protecting Your Pool During Freezing Temperatures

Close Your Pool and Prepare for Freezing Weather: Properly winterizing your pool is the first line of defense against freezing temperatures. Effective winterization involves covering your pool, draining water from all pipes and equipment, and adding winterizing chemicals to prevent damage. 

Keep Your Pool Pump Running: Continuous circulation is crucial for preventing stagnant water and ice formation during freezing weather, so keep your pool pump running. Even in milder climates where pools are not winterized, it is important to keep your pool pump running.

Check the Water Levels: Regularly monitoring your pool's water levels, especially during freezing temperatures, to maintain proper water levels helps prevent stress on your pool's structure and equipment, reducing the risk of damage.

Clean Your Skimmers: Clear debris from your skimmers to ensure unobstructed water flow and prevent blockages. Clean skimmers help maintain efficient filtration, which is essential for keeping your pool water clean and healthy throughout the colder months.

Check Your Equipment: Regularly inspect your pool equipment, including filters, heaters, and pumps, for signs of damage or malfunction. Promptly address any issues to prevent further damage and ensure optimal performance during freezing temperatures.

What to Do If You Lose Power: In the event of a power outage during freezing weather, take precautions to protect your pool and equipment from potential damage. If possible, cover your pool to minimize exposure to the elements. Consider using a backup power source for essential equipment such as heaters and circulation pumps. If you cannot cover your pool or use a backup power source, you may need to drain the water from any exposed plumbing and equipment until temperatures rise above freezing.

Product Recommendations

HTH™ Pool Closing Kit: Prepare your pool for winter with the HTH™ Pool Closing Kit, which is designed to protect your pool during colder temperatures and maintain water quality during the off season.

To learn more about how to close your pool, please click here.

HTH™ Pool Care Kit: Pool Opening Kit

Following these key steps and utilizing the recommended products from HTH™  Pools can help you effectively protect your pool against freezing temperatures so you can enjoy peace of mind throughout the colder season. With appropriate care and maintenance, your pool will be ready to welcome you back for another season of fun in the sun when warmer weather arrives.

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