Match your test strips or liquid

After you've tested your water, you can use our interactive chart to get quick and accurate recommendations. Simply match the results on your HTH® Pool Care 6-Way Test Strips or HTH® Pool Care 6-Way Test Kit to the color-coded chart below. Select the color box for each chemical and then click Get Results. That's it!

Test with: Strips | Liquid

Need a refresher before matching your test results? No problem! Refer to the quick tips below. For a deeper dive, visit the HTH® 6-Way Test Kit product page. And don't forget, if you have a myHTH account, you can store your test history and keep track of your favorite HTH® products.

HTH® 6-Way Test Kit: Quick Tips

1. Collect a water sample approximately 18 inches below the water surface or up to your elbow.
2. Hold the bottle vertically and dispense drops into water sample.

WARNING: Do not dispose of test solutions in swimming pools or spas. Rinse cells before and after each test.

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