How to Get Rid of Hot Tub Foam and Pool Foam

How to Get Rid of Hot Tub Foam and Pool Foam

Have you noticed hot tub foam or pool foam in your backyard? Well, you are not alone in this. According to research, more than 10.7 million swimming pools and 7.3 million hot tubs operate in the U.S.A. Out of all these, every pool owner has encountered foaming at least once. But what causes it, and how do you eliminate pool foam and hot tub foam? Read on for more information!

4 Reasons Why Your Hot Tub and Swimming Pool is Foaming

Here are four main reasons your pool and hot tub may be foaming.

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1. PH Levels

Do you know the ideal pH for your hot tub? Pool and tub experts recommend keeping your pool's pH between 7.2 and 7.8. If you see it getting foamy, you should lower the pH levels.

If your pH level is high, simply use HTH pH Down to quickly lower the pH below 7.8.  Even though low pH doesn't cause foaming, if it is below 7.2, using HTH pH Up will raise the pH of the water.

As a hot tub or pool owner, you should understand pH basics, as well as, how to simply test your water with either a test kit or test strips.

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2. The Products You Use

Skin products and soaps are the most common causes of hot tub foam. Once these products enter the tub, they add detergents, deodorant residues, and oils, contributing to the foaming.

We know these products are part of skincare, but you should choose spa-safe skin products. They should be oil-free so you do not encounter recurring issues in your tub. Get yourself HTH products to keep your pool and spa clean!

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3. Oils and Dead Skin Cells

The human body undergoes a series of processes that cause it to produce oil and dirt. These contribute to foaming in swimming pools and hot tubs.

While you may be using sanitizing agents, foaming may still occur if body oils and dead skin cells overburden them. 

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4. Low Calcium Hardness

The calcium level of your water determines whether the water is considered soft or hard.  Soft water, or low calcium levels, will typically cause foaming water. You can easily determine your calcium level from your test kit or test strips.  Calcium should be maintained between 150 - 400 ppm.  Levels below 150 ppm may cause foaming problems.

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How to Get Rid of Hot Tub Foam and How to Get Rid of Pool Foam

Now that you know the causes of hot tub foam and pool foam, how can you remove them? Here are a few tips on how to get rid of pool foam and how to get rid of hot tub foam.

Clean Your Filter

Cleaning your filter is your number one chance to remove the foam in your tub or pool. It keeps dust, dirt, debris, and bacteria from disrupting your soaking experience. 

You must use the correct product, such as HTH pool filter cleaner and HTH spa filter cleaner, to get the best results. It is powerful and removes hard-to-see debris, including body oils, scale, and grime. All these can be difficult to remove with plain water alone. 

Use a Foam Remover or Anti-Foaming Agent

Foam removers work wonders when dealing with a foaming tub or pool. While there are many removers on the market, your best shot lies with HTH Spa Defoamer.

Simply add 1 oz of HTH Spa Defoamer per 200 gallons of water. to quickly remove and prevent further foaming. This anti-foaming agent is compatible with most sanitizer types, including salt water, chlorine, and bromine. 

Drain and Refill Your Hot Tub

When you have tried all the methods and they have failed, you can always drain and refill the hot tub. As you begin the process, you must check the manufacturer's manual for particular instructions. 

Start by turning off your tub breakers and then connecting a hose to the drain system. After draining it, clean it carefully and remove any grime that may be on the spa surface.

Once it is well drained and cleaned, disconnect your drain pipe and fill it up again. With the tub full to the appropriate levels, you can re-install the filters and turn the hot tub breakers on. By regularly doing so, you protect your tub from foaming.

Quick Tips for Preventing Pool Foam and Hot Tub Foam

Here is a quick breakdown of tips for preventing hot tub foam and pool foam. 

●Get spa-safe skin products without oils: This prevents clogging the filters and escalating maintenance issues. Choose HTH Pool Care products today and see the difference. 

●Rinse your swimwear and soak clothes: Rinse your clothes before getting into the swimming pool or hot tub. It removes all the residual chemicals or detergents that could contaminate the water and cause foaming. 

●Eliminate organic buildup in your pool and tub: One of the best and easiest ways is to clean the pool and tub regularly. You get to prevent algae, bacteria, and grime from forming. All these prevent foaming. 

●Shock the water regularly: Using HTH Spa Non-chlorine Shock Oxidizer will breakdown the oils, lotions, and other contaminants that can build-up and result in foaming water.

Get Your Hot Tub and Pool Cleaning Products Today

Are you ready to transform your tub and pool experience? Buy HTH’s high-quality products today and join the group of experienced DIY pool and spa owners. Besides keeping your tub and pool clean, our products also save you money in the long term. The best part? They help you get rid of pool foam and hot tub foam in easy and simple steps.

Using our products can prevent costly repairs and maintenance issues, thus ensuring that your investment lasts a lifetime. We hope this blog answers the questions of “how to get rid of pool foam” and “how to get rid of hot tub foam.”   Find the nearest retailer to you and order HTH products for your pool and spa today!

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