5 above-ground
sparkling pool water picks

<strong>5 above-ground</strong><br> sparkling pool water picks
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You deserve to have sparkling,
beautiful pool water.

Today, we’re focusing on above-ground pools in particular, so you can deal with outdoor contaminants effectively and easily. We provide 5 fast-acting solutions for dirty, cloudy, green and imbalanced pool water, so your pool is always ready for fun!

1. HTH Pool Care Filter Cleaner

The filter and pump are the heart of your pool, and the HTH Pool Care Filter Cleaner keeps it beating. By keeping your filter clean, it pumps out clear pool water that lasts and prevents cloudiness. Check that your filter is properly working, remove the filter, clear debris and use the solution for a more in depth clean. Replace the filter and run it routinely for 8+ hours every day to circulate your pool water and get lasting results.

2. HTH Pool Care Alkalinity Up
and pH Up / pH Down

To strike the perfect balance between sanitized, non-corrosive pool water, HTH Pool Care Alkalinity Up, HTH Pool Care pH Up and HTH Pool Care pH Down are your go-tos for balancing. When alkalinity is too low, corrosion can cause damage to your pool and equipment. When it’s too high, scaling and cloudiness can occur. High pH levels cause irritation and corrosion while low levels render chlorine ineffective. Adjust your alkalinity between 60 and 120 ppm and keep pH levels between 7.2 and 7.8 for clear, non-corrosive pool water.

3. HTH Pool Care
Algae Guard Ultra

Eliminate green pool water by destroying and preventing algae blooms using HTH Pool Care Algae Guard Ultra. This powerful solution kills the main algae types — mustard, green and black — so you can get sparkling pool water without worrying. Plus, it can prevent new algae growth for up to three months!

4. HTH Pool Care Metal,
Stain & Scale Control

Prevent dissolved metals from damaging your equipment with HTH Pool Care Metal, Stain & Scale Control. Excess minerals are commonplace when you’re constantly adding chemicals to balance your pool water. By using this formula, you can prevent cloudy pool water, protect against metal and copper stains and prevent scale formation for clear, swimmable results all season.

5. HTH Pool Care Shock Advanced

By using HTH Pool Care Shock Advanced weekly, you can solve 90% of pool water problems! This all-in-one powerhouse is a pool water care staple that kills bacteria and algae, reduces chlorine odor and irritation and restores crystal clear clarity in just 24 hours. Plus, it contains Cal Hypo to prevent chlorine lock. If you want your above-ground pool water sparkling, this is a top choice.

With these effective, easy-to-use products, you can keep your pool water clear and in tip-top shape all summer long! For more relatable pool resources, be sure to check out our above-ground pool accessories article to keep your pool water sparkling and fun.

Happy swimming!

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