Closing Your Pool for Winter

Closing Your Pool for Winter
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Closing Time Is Near! Stay prepared with these 5 essential tips for a seamless pool closing

Preparing for the end of pool season can seem like a daunting task, but HTH™ makes winterizing your pool a breeze. These 5 tips will simplify the process and ensure that your pool is ready to hibernate and rejuvenate for the next splash-filled season. Let's dive right in!

Tip 1: Don’t close too early

You may be tempted to close your pool at the first sign of fall. However, you should wait until the weather is consistently cooler. This will help prevent issues that can arise when the pool is still too warm when it’s covered.

  • To avoid algae growth, wait until temps are below at least 65 degrees — and if you can wait until your pool is below 50 degrees, you’ll lower the risk even more
  • Make sure your pool cover is in good shape — the earlier you do this, the better, in case it needs to be repaired or replaced
  • Pick an official pool closing date (keeping an eye on weather reports, of course!) A week before your selected date, stock up on any necessary products and supplies so you have them when you need them

Tip 2: Be sure to test & treat your pool water

This step might seem counterintuitive. After all, you won’t be using your pool for months. Yet treating your pool water now is crucial to protecting pool surfaces and warding off the winter build-up of bacteria and algae growth. These steps make it easy!

  1. Test your water using HTH Pool Care 6-Way Test Strips, then choose one of the following options to receive your personalized results:

2. Or text a photo of your test strip to 484-123 to receive personalized pool care instructions in seconds

  • Treat your water with the HTH Pool Care Kit . This kit has all the chemicals you need to prepare your pool water for closing
  • Because chemicals must work hard over the winter, be sure to add the proper amounts — read the label instructions for proper dosage

HTH™ Pool Care 6-Way Test Strips: Pool Test Strips

Tip 4: Clean & cover your pool

After a fun-filled summer, don't skip the important cleanup! While it’s not the most exciting task, proper cleanup safeguards equipment, saves time in the long run and makes re-opening even easier come spring.

  • Properly remove, clean and store all pool accessories — slides, ladders, diving boards, steps, rails, etc. — to prevent damage from freezing temperatures
  • Scrub your pool walls and floor with a pool brush and telescoping pole, skim the surface and use a vacuum to remove remaining debris
  • Clean your filter using HTH Pool Care Filter Cleaner (compatible with all filter and pool types)
  • Add your pool cover — make sure it's in good shape and securely fastened, without open edges, gaps or sagging, to shield your pool from wind, snow and debris

HTH™ Pool Care Filter Cleaner: Universal Pool Filter Cleaner

Tip 5: Check on your pool periodically

Enjoy taking a breather from pool water maintenance. But remember to give your pool some occasional TLC for a worry-free winter.

  • If autumn temperatures surprise you with unexpected warmth, you may need to add extra chemicals — refer to your HTH Pool Care Closing Kit
  • When the snowflakes fall, make sure your pool cover is standing strong and inspect any outdoor equipment to ensure no surprises or damage
  • Throughout the winter months, keep an attentive eye on your water level — a decrease might hint at an underlying crack or leak that requires attention

HTH™ Pool Care Kit: Pool Opening Kit

Pro tip: A loss of over an inch within a short period could signal a potential leak; don't let it go unnoticed!

When it comes to closing your pool the right way, we have the resources you need! So, sit back, relax and enjoy the break knowing your pool is well-cared for during the downtime.

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Our Pool Opening page also has great into to make sure the start of the season goes swimmingly. You’re all clear with HTH®!

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