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HTH® Pool Care

Discover the clean, sparkling-clear difference of 90+ years dedicated to quality pool care.
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New Pool Owners
Congratulations on pool ownership! Get tips to guide you through opening, managing and maintaining sparkling blue water and healthy swim conditions all season.
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Testing your pool water should be part of your weekly pool care routine for clean & healthy swimming. Check your test strip or test kit results here to see what your pool needs.

Explore the HTH® Salt Pool line of non-chlorine products designed to help care for your saltwater pool. You’ll also find our full line of HTH® products are also compatible with saltwater systems.

Pool Maintenance

Maintaining your pool water can be a lot of work, but we can make it easier for you by providing help every step of the way. From balancing your water to treating green water, we have you covered.

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Have a problem or question about taking care of your pool? Our Here to Help video series gives you answers to common pool problems like algae, cloudy water, low chlorine levels and more.

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Pool Chemical Safety

Proper pool chemical usage will help you and your family enjoy your pool safely.